Enjoy All New Jersey Has to Offer

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Travel to the Garden State Like a Pro—With a Charter Bus Rental

If you’re looking to take a group somewhere, for any reason, make New Jersey your destination. This great state along the Eastern seaboard has something for everyone. From beaches to boardwalks, from casinos to world class amusement parks, from some of the most famous landmarks in American history to unique foods you won’t find anywhere else, there’s much to recommend the Garden State.

It may be one of the smallest states in the country, but it has some of the busiest roadways in America. You don’t want to spoil your trip by spending most of your time battling traffic, checking the map or looking for a place to park. There’s an easier way to travel to New Jersey—in the comfort, convenience and luxury of a charter bus rental from US Coachways.

A Charter Bus Rental—Ideal for Any Occasion

The many advantages of a charter bus make it ideal for any type of outing:

  • Family celebrations—Whether it’s a reunion, a graduation party, a wedding, or a special birthday or anniversary, a charter bus will get you there and back in comfort and safety.
  • School travel—A charter bus rental is great way to handle athletic team travel, arts and cultural outings and club events.
  • Business or corporate travel—It’s the easiest way to get your people to and from conferences, conventions, meetings, team-building exercises and company celebrations.
  • Church outreach—A charter bus makes mission trips, community volunteer work and church fellowship efforts easier.
  • Special events—It’s the best way to take a group of fans to a big game, show or concert.

At US Coachways, we bring over 30 years of experience in the charter bus rental business to customers across the United States, including New Jersey. To learn how we can help or to get a free quote for a trip to the Garden State, visit our online cost calculator or call us at 1-855-387-2427.

Enjoy the Diversity of the Jersey Shore

From Atlantic City to Cape May, from Cape Fear to Asbury Park, get away along the 130 mile ocean coastline. With dozens of great beaches, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for solitude, swimming or shops. Walk along Atlantic City’s boardwalk, the world’s first and still one of the best. Take in the ocean air or stop by one of the classic boardwalk food stands for funnel cakes, corn dogs, soft pretzels or authentic salt-water taffy.

For top entertainment or to enjoy a little gambling, visit one of the many casinos along the Jersey Shore, from Harrah’s to the Tropicana to Caesars. There are also more than a dozen theme and amusement parks here, including Fantasy Island, Splish Splash and Ocean Oasis.

Experience the  “Crossroads of the Revolution”

Many of the most famous historical sites from the American Revolutionary War can be found in the Garden State. See where George Washington crossed the Delaware. Visit the Colonial Headquarters in Kingston where General Washington received word of the British Surrender. Tour one of the many battlefields, from Trenton to Princeton to Assunpink Creek.

Of course, New Jersey has much more to interest history buffs. Take a trip to the Walt Whitman House, in Camden, or visit the birthplace of President Grover Cleveland in Caldwell.

See Where Those Famous Musicians Got Started

New Jersey boasts some of the world’s most famous musical artists among its native sons—Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi all hail from the Garden State. Take a trip to Hoboken and see where “Old Blue Eyes” was born and visit the church where he gave his first public performance. Cruise over to Perth Amboy, where Bon Jovi cut his first demo at his cousin’s studio. Head further south to Asbury Park and check out the Stone Pony, where “The Boss” played some of his first gigs in the early 70s.

Savor Food That You’ll Only Find in Jersey

One thing’s for certain—you won’t ever go hungry in New Jersey, the home of the 24-hour diner. In fact, New Jersey has more diners per capita than any state in the nation.

While the most famous food from Jersey may be salt-water taffy, there are some other delectable treats that you have to travel to the Garden State to enjoy. Trust us—they’re well worth the trip:

  • The Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich—Dating back some 170 years, this is a mainstay of a Jersey breakfast. Taylor “ham” is actually more like bologna or spam. It’s all served on a hard Kaiser roll.
  • The Trenton Tomato Pie—This is basically pizza in reverse. Heap all the topping you want on your pie, then slather it with crushed plum tomatoes.
  • Jersey-style hot dogs—New Jersey is a true melting pot and it shows in the wide array of hot dogs you can chomp on here. The Italian dog is wrapped in pizza dough, deep-fried and buried in fried onions, peppers and potatoes. The Easton-style dog features a beef and pork skinless wiener, shallow-fried in oil, topped with pickle spears, yellow mustard and diced onions, and wrapped in wax paper to steam the bun. Creativity abounds with hot dogs in Jersey, though. Look for one-of-a-kind shops with all kinds of wacky toppings, from mashed potatoes or pepperoni to potato chips and even pesto.
  • Other unique eats—There’s plenty more to please your palate in Jersey. Try some disco fries, the Jersey sloppy Joe (more like a Dagwood), a fat sandwich (with fries in the sammy) or a Chicken Savoy, deemed by many to be the unofficial state dish.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Coach for Your Trip to New Jersey

While it’s clear that a charter bus offers many benefits for group travel, it’s extremely important that you book a coach that meets you needs. You want it to be the right size—enough room for everyone to be comfortable, but not too many empty seats. You also want to be sure it has the amenities necessary to make your trip a great one.

If you’re heading to New Jersey with a group of 24 to 35 people, a mini-bus can be ideal. There’s plenty of room to move about and ample space for personal items and souvenirs. For larger groups, you’ll want a full-sized bus, with accommodations for up to 57 passengers. Multiple bus rentals are always an option, so bring as many people as you want.Most buses come with certain basic amenities, such as Wifi, DVD players, ports to charge your devices and PA systems. Other conveniences, such as on-board restroom facilities, are available on a more limited basis. Because of our access to a vast network of charter bus service providers, we are often able to help you secure the bus that meets all your needs. Options will vary from bus to bus, though, so it’s important to check with your booking agent to determine what is available.

For Group Travel, Nothing Beats a Charter Bus

Take a close look at your options for group travel and you’ll quickly discover that there’s no better mode of transportation than a charter bus:

  • It’s the most stress-free way to see New Jersey—On a charter bus, you won’t ever have to check the map or worry about the time. Your driver will know your itinerary and will get you where you need to be when you need to be there. Because you’ll travel on the same coach throughout your trip, and your luggage will always be with you, you won’t have to worry about making a connection or losing your bags. There’s no “bus mode” setting for your phone, so you can stay connected throughout your trip.
  • You’ll feel safe and secure—On a charter bus, you’ll have a seasoned and experienced profession behind the wheel. The limited access to your coach also ensures that you won’t have uninvited guests, so you and your personal items will be safe and secure.
  • Your trip will always be one of a kind—With a charter bus rental, your options are virtually endless. You won’t have to choose from a small number of prepackaged trips. Tell us where you want to go, what you want to see and how long you want to stay. We’ll make it happen.
  • You’ll appreciate the affordability of charter bus travel—When you take a group on a charter bus, you share a lot of the transportation costs, making it more cost-effective than other modes of transportation. With the money you save, you can bring back treasured souvenirs of New Jersey.
  • You’ll enjoy door-to-door service everywhere you go—You won’t have to find parking or try to locate your car when you leave.
  • There’s room to move on a charter bus—The seats are spacious, with more leg room that any other mode of travel. You’ll have plenty of room to move about the aisles and you’ll never be chastised for not having your seat belt on.
  • You’ll enjoy access to the HOV lanes, something you’ll really appreciate on New Jersey’s busy roadways.
  • You’ll be helping the environment—It’s a simple calculation. When people share a charter bus, there are fewer vehicles on the road. That means fewer emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. Take a look at the positive impact US Coachways had on the environment in 2018.

Reserve a Charter Bus Rental to New Jersey Today

At US Coachways, we have more than three decades of experience in the charter bus rental business. We help people enjoy the benefits of charter bus travel to more than 20,000 events every year. Call 1-855-287-2427 to talk to one of our experienced agents or use our online dashboard to get a free quote.