Sequoias forest in summer season

Take a Charter Bus Road Trip to Our National Parks

You’ve been cooped up for months and you’re ready for some wide open spaces, where you’ll have room to breathe. There’s no better place to do that than in America’s national parks. But you don’t want to do all the driving—you’ll miss a lot of the view that way. Take some friends and take a charter bus from US Coachways. Relax and enjoy the scenery while we handle all the details.

You Can Put Your Trust in US Coachways

At US Coachways, we have paired people and places for almost 40 years, establishing an industry-wide reputation for our expertise with short-notice bookings and events involving complicated logistics. We are the leading provider of charter bus rentals in the country, booking in excess of 25,000 trips every year. We place a premium on dependability and safety, working hard to make delays and cancellations virtually nonexistent. We work with an extensive network of carefully selected charter bus vendors across the country, ensuring that you have on-demand access to an unmatched selection of vehicles. Our state-of-the-art, high-speed online reservation system helps us book more than $55 million in annual charter bus outings.

To get a free estimate on the cost of a charter bus road trip to some of America’s amazing national parks, use our convenient online cost calculator. To ask any questions about our services, or to learn the many ways we can help you, live chat us or call 1-855-287-2427 for an experienced luxury travel consultant.

The US Coachways Advantage

We’ve built our reputation and our business on a commitment to provide the highest levels of service and attention to every customer. When you book an excursion with us, you’ll get:

  • Your own dedicated project management team, with the same contact person, available whenever you have needs, questions or concerns
  • Comprehensive dispatch services, 24/7, with the ability to manage a number of sites at the same time
  • The use of our online Trip Management Portal, where you can review invoices, itineraries and other data from all your US Coachways bookings in the same convenient location. You can also book a reservation, change your itinerary, ask for a quote, make a payment or check the status of a booking.
  • The best logistical support in the industry, from the selection of the right bus to the identification of ideal times and places for pick-ups and drop-offs. We also monitor traffic patterns, so that we can identify potential slowdowns or roadblocks that might affect your trip.
  • The flexibility to decide when and where you want us to pick you up, when you want to stop, how long you want to stay, and when you want to go home. Last-minute and real-time changes can usually be accommodated, and short-notice bookings are usually fine.
  • The benefits of our purchasing power—We book, on average, more than $55 million in charter bus trips every year. That gives us the local market savvy and the vendor loyalty to consistently get great pricing for our customers.

We are also certified by the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide charter bus services to the federal government and its agencies, including the military.

A National Park Road Trip—The Perfect Summer Getaway

With more than 400 sites nationwide, America’s national park system offers a virtually unlimited array of fascinating natural wonders. You’ll find a wide array of options across the country:

  • National parks out West—Many of our country’s most famous national parks are here:
    • Redwood National Park, in northern California, lets you walk among the world’s largest living things, many of which are taller than the length of a football field
    • Grand Canyon National Park, in northwestern Arizona, 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and more than a mile deep (at its lowest point)
    • Yosemite National Park, in central California, home to Half Dome and other towering granite peaks, stunning waterfalls and ancient sequoias, some of which are more than 3,000 years old
    • Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, home to the world’s most famous geyser, Old Faithful. It’s also a veritable showcase of western wildlife, with grizzly bear, elk, wolves and bison regularly spotted.
    • Carlsbad Caverns National Park, in New Mexico, with walkways into more than 100 caves in the Guadalupe Mountains
    • Glacier National Park, in Montana, offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, with lakes, forests, meadows and valleys left behind when the glaciers formed the Northern Rocky Mountains
  • National parks in the East—Some of the vistas may not be quite as expansive as you’ll find out west, but the American East offers plenty to captivate any nature enthusiast:
    • Acacia National Park, way up in Maine, offers some of the area’s most stunning vistas, including the view from Cadillac Mountain (the highest point on the Atlantic Coast) and the whale-watching opportunities in nearby Bar Harbor
    • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, spanning North Carolina and Tennessee, offers some of the best and most accessible hiking trails of any national park, among some of the oldest mountains in the world
    • Shenandoah National Park, in northwestern Virginia (just an hour from Washington, DC), offers more than 500 miles of hiking trails along the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can also take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, where you’ll have more than 75 opportunities to stop at a scenic overlook.
    • Mammoth Cave, in Kentucky, has more than 10 miles of caves open for hard-core and novice spelunkers, from the 75 minute hike through the Frozen Niagara to a 6-hour trek through the Wild Cave, where you’ll have to get down on your tummy to navigate some of the openings.
    • The Appalachian National Scenic Trail—Maintained by the National Park Service and more than 30 trail clubs, this 2,180 mile footpath runs from Georgia to Maine, spanning 14 states. Among the many magnificent viewpoints are the Pinnacle (in Pennsylvania), MacAfee Knob (in Virginia) and Baldpate (in Maine).
    • The Everglades National Park, in Florida—If you don’t mind the heat, head south to visit the largest subtropical wilderness in the nation—some 1.5 million acres of wetlands. Keep your eyes open for gators and, if you’re lucky, a rare manatee.

The Right Bus Makes All the Difference

Choosing the comfort, convenience and affordability of a charter bus is just the first step toward having a great trip. It’s also important to take the time to make certain you have the right coach for your group and your outing.

At US Coachways, we’ll listen and learn the details of your excursion—how many attendees you’ll have, how long you’ll be on the road, what you’ll be bringing or taking home, and any other special needs of your participants. Then we’ll go to our unmatched national network of hand-picked charter bus operators to find the coach that best meets all your needs.

If you are visiting America’s national parks with a small-to-midsized group, book a mini-bus. There are a number of models, seating anywhere from 24 to 35 passengers. For bigger groups, the full-sized charter bus is ideal, with accommodations for up to 57 and a bathroom on board. Multiple bus rentals are usually an option and ADA-compliant coaches are available.

High-back bucket seats, climate control, a great stereo and plenty of storage space are standard on most charter buses (except for a few school buses). You can also get additional features, including Wifi, DVD players and monitors, P.A. systems, USB ports and electrical outlets, leather seats and hardwood floors, for an extra charge. Ask your booking agent about availability.

A Charter Bus—A Great Fit for Any Outing

The things you love about a charter bus—the flexibility, comfort, safety, affordability, convenience and reliability—make it a perfect choice for any event:

  • Family celebrations—Weddings, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, reunions, graduation parties, birthday and anniversary gatherings, retirement parties and even family vacations!
  • Business travel—Conferences, conventions, sales meetings, training sessions, team-building exercises, annual meetings, seminars, workshops, employee volunteerism, golf outings, picnics and company parties
  • Church outreach—Mission trips, choir tours, adult and youth fellowship opportunities, praise meetings and gatherings, faith-based conferences and conventions, retreats, local ministries, church camp sessions
  • School trips—Fan and athlete travel to sporting events, band and orchestra festivals, club and class trips, sorority and fraternity outings, prom and graduation after-parties, student volunteer work, cultural events
  • Senior citizen and older adult travel—Shopping trips, casino outings, museums, plays and concerts, historical attractions, and fall foliage tours
  • Once-in-a-lifetime events—Touring Broadway shows, stadium and arena concerts, bowl games and championships, professional and college sports, marches and parades, food and cultural festivals, motor car races, public rallies

The US Coachways Customer Bill of Rights

When you book a charter bus rental with US Coachways, you have the right to:

  • Know all potential costs before you book your trip—We will notify you in writing of all anticipated costs at the time of sale. If the price for your trip increases (other than as a result of changes you make to your itinerary), we will immediately notify you and give you the opportunity to cancel your booking without incurring a cancellation fee.
  • Protection in the event of a cancellation—We will provide you with a copy of our cancellation policy before you enter into an agreement. We will also offer you some form of “charter cancellation protection,” so that you can minimize the financial impact of a cancellation.
  • A professional driver—All drivers who serve on US Coachways charters must comply with state and federal safety and driving regulations at all times. In addition, your driver shall have a thorough knowledge of your itinerary and must comport himself or herself with professional courtesy at all times and in all situations. If your driver does not abide by these requirements, we ask that you immediately notify us, so that we can conduct a full investigation. If we corroborate your allegations, we will refund 5% of the total cost of your charter, up to a maximum of $500.
  • Protection for “state of emergency” and weather-related cancellations or closures—If a venue on your trip is closed, or if any portion of your outing cancels, due to a declared “state of emergency,” we will cap any cancellation fees at $500, provided the cancellation was out of your control. For weather-related cancellations, you can use the cancellation fee as a discount on any future travel with US Coachways.
  • Amenities that work properly—If any standard amenity, or any additional feature that you have paid for, breaks down or does not function as it should, we will either fix the problem or replace your coach, if possible. For each day that the amenities are not working properly, we will refund 5% of the total cost of your charter, up to a maximum of 20% of the cost of your charter.
  • To be picked up on time—We allow a 30 minute grace period for your initial pickup. If we are more than 30 minutes late, we will refund 5% of the total cost of your charter. For each additional 30 minute late pickup, we will refund an additional 5% of the total cost of your charter, up to a maximum of 20% of the total cost of your charter.

Make Your Charter Bus Reservation Today!

The sooner you book a coach, the more options you’ll have. At US Coachways, we have been leaders in the charter bus rental industry for more than 35 years, consistently providing effective ground transportation solutions to groups and group leaders nationwide. We can help you customize a road trip to your favorite national parks. For a free quote, go to our easy-to-use online cost calculator. We’ll send you an estimate within minutes. To learn the many ways we can help you or to get answers to any questions about charter bus rentals, live chat us or call 1-855-287-2427 to speak with an experienced luxury travel consultant.