Have a Fabulous Time in Philadelphia

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Downtown Skyline of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

See GQ’s “City of the Year” in Comfort, Luxury and Convenience—On a Charter Bus!

The votes are in—Gentlemen’s Quarterly has named Philadelphia—the Cradle of Liberty and the City of Brotherly Love—as 2018’s “City of the Year” in the United States. It’s no surprise to anyone who lives there or who’s spent time there recently. The Eagle’s Super Bowl win simply put the spotlight on a metropolitan area that has something to offer just about everyone—a rich history, a vibrant cultural community, outstanding food and beverage offerings, and some of the nation’s premier retail experiences.

Philly is a big and bustling city, though. When you’re taking a group there, there’s really only one way to travel—in the convenience, comfort, luxury and affordability of a charter bus rental.

A Charter Bus—The Smart Way to Get to and from Philly

When you’re planning a group excursion, there are lots and lots of details to consider, but none as important as your mode of transportation. Problems on the road and you’ll never hear the end of it. Make the smart and easy decision—a charter bus rental from US Coachways:

  • You’ll be safe and secure—Your driver is a highly trained professional who knows how to handle the bus. In addition, the limited access to your coach lets you monitor who comes and goes—you and your personal items will be safe and secure.
  • You’ll get where you want to go when you want to be there—Unlike other modes of transportation, charter bus rentals rarely experience delays or cancellations. Your driver has the tools and resources to identify potential road problems in advance and find alternate routes to get you there on time. In addition, our access to a vast network of charter bus service providers nationwide makes it easy for us to find a replacement coach, if necessary.
  • You’ll have maximum control over your trip—You tell us when you want to leave, where you want to go, when you want to stop, how long you want to stay there and when you want to return. Want to leave a little early or stay another day—that’s usually not a problem. In most instances, we can even book an entire trip to Philly with short notice.
  • You’ll ride in comfort—The seats are wide, with more leg room than any other type of travel. There are no middle seats, either. The aisles are roomy, too, and you don’t have to stay seated for the entire trip.
  • You can relax with everyone else—On a charter bus, you won’t have to check the time, consult your GPS, keep an eye on traffic or look for a place to park. Your driver will handle all those details. There’s no TSA security checkpoint, so you can keep your shoes on and bring your favorite shampoo. You’ll be on the same coach from start to finish, and your bags will go with you, so you won’t have to sprint to make a connection or worry about lost luggage. There’s no requirement, either, that you turn off your devices or put them on “bus mode.” You can stay connected at all times.
  • You’ll get more travel for your money—When you travel on a charter bus, you’ll share many of the costs of getting there and back. That makes it one of the most cost-effective ways to take a group anywhere.
  • You’ll have less risk of getting stuck in traffic—On a charter bus, you can travel in the high occupancy vehicle lane—a real bonus when you’re headed to Philadelphia
  • You’ll have more than just a bus—Your coach makes a great meeting space, whether you’re prepping employees for a sales meeting, talking strategy on the way to a game or singing Happy Birthday. It’s also an ideal spot for some down time during a busy trip to Philly.
  • You can have a positive impact on the environment—When you share a ride on a charter bus, you take a number of private vehicles off the roads. That reduces emissions and helps the planet.

At US Coachways, we have been at the forefront of the charter bus industry for more than three decades. For a free quote on the cost of an outing to Philadelphia, visit our convenient online cost calculator. To learn more about the ways we can help you or to ask any questions about charter bus rentals, call 1-855-287-2427 and speak with a travel consultant.

See Why GQ Put Philadelphia at the Top of the List!

Here are just a few of the reasons the well-known men’s magazine tabbed Philadelphia as America’s premier city in 2018:

  • The historical attractions—When you think of Philadelphia, your first thoughts almost always turn to its storied history. It’s considered the birthplace of our nation, where the Constitutional Convention took place. The Liberty Bell is here, too. You can walk through Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and visit the home of Betsy Ross, the seamstress of the nation’s first flag. Learn about the patriots whose exploits led to the birth of our nation or see what life was like for an ordinary soldier in the Revolutionary War at the Museum of the American Revolution.
  • The vast cultural and entertainment options—Philadelphia has long been a hub for outstanding visual and performing arts. Visit Philly’s Avenue of the Arts (aka Broad Street), where you’ll find live theater and dance venues, offering everything from touring Broadway shows to productions by local playwrights, as well as many of the city’s legion of professional dance companies. The City of Brotherly Love boasts dozens of small jazz clubs, but also offers a melting pot of musical genres, from soul and hip-hop to blues, folk, rock and roll and alternative sounds. Patrons of the visual arts won’t want to miss the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with more than 240,000 works in over 200 galleries. There’s also the Rodin Museum, with the largest collection of the sculptor’s work outside of Paris.
  • The amazing food and drink—For a truly eclectic dining and thirst-quenching experience, it’s hard to beat Philadelphia. The vast majority of the eateries here are one-of-a-kind operations. There are more than 300 BYOB-style restaurants, where you are welcome to bring your own adult beverages. Many restaurants have seating along the sidewalk out front, lending a European ambience. Culinary “must-haves” include Philly cheesesteak, pizza, hoagies, soft pretzels, scrapple and tomato pie. Philly was also listed among the top 14 beer cities in the world, so craft beer lovers will have plenty of options.
  • The unique shopping opportunities—In need of a little retail therapy? Check out the new Fashion District, three full city blocks that have converted empty space into a stunning retail, entertainment and dining mecca. There’s a City Winery there, as well as high-end retailers such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Skechers and Forever 21. Visit Second and Third Streets in the Old City neighborhood (where founding father Ben Franklin lived), or go just a few blocks north of Old City and peruse the vintage shops, art galleries and handmade jewelry emporiums in Northern Liberties. Remember, too, that Pennsylvania has a state law that makes shoe and clothing purchases sales tax-free!

Book a Charter Bus for Any Trip to Philadelphia

The convenience, affordability, comfort, safety, flexibility and reliability a charter bus offers make it an outstanding choice of any travel to the Cradle of Liberty:

  • Senior citizen and retiree outings—Historical sites, museums, plays and concerts, shopping trips, casino nights, fall foliage tours
  • Business and company travel—Conferences, conventions, business and sales meetings, seminars, workshops, training, team-building, volunteer projects, golf outings, company picnics and holiday parties
  • School trips—Athletic competition (fans and athletes), band and orchestra festivals, student volunteer projects, graduation and prom after-parties, club and class outings, cultural offerings, fraternity and sorority events
  • Family gatherings—Vacations, weddings, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, graduations, bar and bat mitzvahs, reunions, birthday, anniversary and retirement parties
  • Church travel—Faith-based conferences and conventions, retreats, church camp sessions, mission trips, local volunteer efforts, choir tours, youth and adult fellowship opportunities
  • Special events—Food and cultural festivals, arena and stadium concerts, touring theatrical productions, bowl games and championships, college and professional sports, motor car races, public rallies

Our Commitment at US Coachways

At US Coachways, we constantly strive to find new and better ways to serve our customers. When you book a charter bus with us, you’ll get:

bus in transit

  • The best logistical support in the business—From the selection of your bus to the determination of optimal drop-off/pickup times and locations, we’ll work closely with you to make certain everything is in place to make your trip a memorable one. We’ll also monitor road conditions, including construction projects, so that we can minimize the risk of slowdowns on the road.
  • Comprehensive dispatch services throughout your trip—Our dispatchers are available 24/7 and can effectively manage multiple pickup and drop-off sites simultaneously.
  • Access to our powerful and effective online Trip Management Portal , where you can pull up invoices, itineraries and other information about all your US Coachways outings in one location
  • Your own dedicated project management team, with one consistent point of contact throughout your trip
  • The flexibility to make last-minute or real-time modifications to your travel plans—Want to stay a bit longer in Philly? In most instances, we can make it happen, thanks to the good will and strong relationships we’ve built with charter bus service providers nationwide
  • The benefit of our purchasing power—We set up, on average, more than $55 million in annual charter bus trips. That helps us get highly competitive pricing for our customers.

We are also certified by the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide charter bus services to the United States government and its agencies, including the military.

We’ll Help You Find The Perfect Ride

There’s no other mode of transportation that offers the benefits you’ll enjoy with a charter bus. But it’s important to make certain you get the coach that’s best suited for your group and your trip. When you book with US Coachways, we’ll take the time to find out all the details of your excursion—how many people will be attending, how long you’ll be traveling, what you’ll be bringing with you or taking home, and any other special needs of your passengers. Then we’ll consult with our extensive network of charter bus vendors to find the ideal coach for you.

If you’re descending on Philadelphia with a small-to-medium-sized entourage, you’ll find the mini-bus a great fit. It comes in different sizes, accommodating anywhere from 24 to 35 passengers. For larger groups, you’ll want to ride in a full-sized bus, with seating for up to 57 and an on-board bathroom. All charter buses (except for some school buses) offer plush, high-back bucket seats, climate control, a great sound system and plenty of space for all your personal items. Wifi, electrical outlets, public address systems, leather seats, hardwood floors and DVD players may also be available for an additional fee. Multiple bus rentals are always an option, and ADA-accessible coaches are available.

Book Your Group Outing to Philadelphia Today!

Get the benefit of our 30+ years as leaders in the charter bus industry. For a free estimate on the cost of an outing to the City of Brotherly Love, go to our user-friendly online cost calculator. We’ll send you a quote within minutes and follow up with an e-mail. To learn more about the full scope of our services or to ask any questions about charter bus rentals, call 1-855-287-2427 and speak with an experienced travel consultant.