Why a Charter Bus Rental Makes Sense for Your Group

You’re planning a group outing. Maybe it’s a family celebration, such as a graduation party or reunion. You might be organizing a school or church trip, or taking a group of employees to a conference or team-building exercise. While you want your people to have a great time at your destination, it’s just as important that they have a good experience getting there and back. While the different modes of transportation all offer advantages and disadvantages, there’s no form of travel that combines all the benefits of a charter bus rental from US Coachways. To get a free quote for a charter bus trip, or to learn how we can help your group, check out our online cost calculator or call us at 855-287-2427.

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While there are many great reasons to choose charter bus travel, here are 10 of the most compelling:

1. It’s More Fun and Relaxed than Other Modes of Travel

Let’s face it. When you travel any other way than by charter bus, it can be as much work as enjoyment. You may have to continually check the map or your GPS, or keep an eye on the time. You may have the stress of battling traffic or looking for a parking place. With some forms of travel, there’s the added concern about making connections or losing your luggage. You may need to stand in a TSA line, take off your shoes, or submit to a full body scan. You may need to leave your favorite shampoo or other toiletries at home.

With a charter bus, you won’t have any of those worries. Your driver will know where you’re going and when you need to be there, and will handle all parking and other concerns after dropping you off at your destination. You’ll be on the same coach for the entirety of your trip, so you’ll never have to think about making or missing a connection. Because your bags and other personal items will always travel with you, there’s no risk that they’ll be misplaced. There are no TSA lines with a charter bus, so the only reason you’ll need to take your shoes off is to kick back and relax.

2. Charter Bus Travel Offers Safety and Security

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On a charter bus, you’ll have a highly trained professional operating the vehicle at all times. In fact, studies by the National Transportation Safety Board found that travel by bus was safer than travel by automobile, with the fatality rate for passenger vehicle accidents six times that of a bus.
In addition, charter buses offer a high level of security, due to the limited access to the coach. Because there’s only one way on and off, it’s much easier to monitor comings and goings, so that there’s less risk of an unauthorized person boarding the bus.

3. Charter Buses Offer Flexibility You Won’t Find in Other Modes of Travel

With most other forms of travel, you’re pretty limited in your choices. You have to go according to someone else’s schedule, and you have to go where they’re going. With a charter bus, you get to decide where you go, when you go there and how long you stay. As a result, your trip will always be a one-of-a-kind experience, typically limited only by your imagination. In many instances, you can even make last minute adjustments to your itinerary. If you want to stay longer or add another destination, it can often be accommodated. That rarely happens with other forms of travel, unless you’re behind the wheel.

4. A Charter Bus Rental Can Save You Money

Let’s look at the numbers. If you’re taking a group of 56 people from New York City to Chicago, it will cost you upwards of $23,000 or more to fly there in economy class (via Travelocity). That doesn’t even include what you’ll have to spend on a cab or ride-share to get to the city from the airport. On a charter bus from US Coachways, the same number of people can make that trip for about $7,000.

How about taking your own car? With a charter bus, you’ll pay approximately $28 per person for any trip up to eight hours. If you took the same trip in your own vehicle, you’ll spend more than that on gasoline, not to mention parking and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Think it might be cheaper to travel by train? Think again. A roundtrip train fare from New York City to Washington, DC, just under eight hours to travel both ways, will cost you $98 (via Amtrak). A 90 minute trip to Philadelphia from New York City will cost you $39.

In addition, with charter bus travel, there are no hidden fees, such as charges for extra bags, headphones or access to Wifi.

5. You Have a Wide Array of Options for Coaches

When you choose to travel by charter bus, it’s easier to find the coach that’s just the right size for your group. There are options that are suitable for as few as 12-15 people, but you can also put as many as 57 people on a single bus. You can bring as many folks as you want, though, as multiple bus rentals are almost always available. There’s also the mini-bus option for smaller groups, with seating for 24-35 passengers.

Most charter buses come with such modern conveniences as Wifi, DVD players, PA and sound systems, and charging stations for your devices. Other premium amenities are available, such as on-board bathroom facilities. The features vary from bus to bus, so it’s important to confirm what options your bus offers.

6. You’ll Have Plenty of Room to Relax

On a plane, train or even in your own vehicle, you can often feel like a sardine, crammed into a small seat with no opportunity to stretch your legs or move about. The seats on most airplanes are about 17 inches wide and there can be as little as 28 inches between the front of your seat and the back of the seat in front of you (referred to as the “pitch” of the seat). Even worse, you can end up with a middle seat, jammed between two other passengers.

On a charter bus, you’ll typically have a minimum of 36 inches of pinch and there’s no such thing as a middle seat. That can be a real bonus for larger travelers, who might actually incur additional costs when traveling by plane or train.

Another bonus of traveling by charter bus—you can typically get up and move about the aisles at your leisure. You won’t have to stay buckled in your seat for the entire trip. You won’t hear those annoying warning bells telling you to return to your seat. No one will ever tell you to adjust your seat position. And you’ll enjoy the room in the aisles—there’s plenty of room to move about or just hang out.

7. You’ll Be Helping the Planet

When you take a group of friends and family on a bus, you’re reducing the number of vehicles on the roadways. A single 57 passenger bus will typically mean that up to 20 cars won’t be putting carbon into the air. That can have a huge impact on the environment. Look at the ways that US Coachways reduced the carbon footprint on the planet in 2018.

8. Charter Bus Travel is Typically More Reliable

Studies show that nearly a million air travelers arrive late at a destination every day! While delays and cancellations can never be avoided, the flexibility of charter bus travel, along with the extensive network of charter bus service providers in the United States, makes it easier to address those types of problems. Charter buses typically have more options to get you where you need to go when you need to be there. If a vehicle has mechanical difficulty, you can often get a replacement within a short period of time. If there’s a traffic jam, your driver can work with dispatch to find alternative ways to get you where you want to be when you want to be there.

9. On a Charter Bus, You Can Stay Connected

You’ve probably noticed that there’s no “bus” mode on your cell phone or other device. That’s because you won’t ever have to disconnect from friends and family when you travel by charter bus. While almost all buses have Wifi, there’s never a charge to be connected. You’ll also have plenty of places to recharge all your devices.

10. Charter Buses Offer a Camaraderie That’s Not Possible with Any Other Mode of Travel

There’s really no other way to travel that offers the same opportunity for shared experience and the creation of lifelong memories. So many experiences are better when you can relax and enjoy them in the company of family and friends. On a charter bus, your only responsibility is to have a good time!

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