Let’s face it, it’s hard to look on the bright side right now! Things are uncertain, scary and like many other companies, we all moved to a work from home model while we are socially distancing ourselves.  Keeping in touch is a bit harder and we are genuinely concerned for one another. We certainly do a lot of health checks on each other and story sharing. As time went on, we realized that our employees were starting to experience (and in some cases, share) stories that are truly uplifting and inspiring.  We realized that collectively, as a company, we are motivated to give back and contribute, just as so many other wonderful companies have done.

Enter the US Coachways, COVID-SilverLiningChallenge! We challenged our amazing employees to share their take on a silver lining they are either experiencing or seeing in the midst of this pandemic.  Some are personal and some are acquired knowledge. We decided to use each shared story as an accepted challenge and a way to increase a group donation that our bus charter company would make.  Our employees did not disappoint!  Not only were the silver lining stories powerful, but we got enough that we were able to make a substantive donation that would allow us to pay it forward – maybe even become someone else’s silver lining.

We worked with WaterAid, an international non-governmental organization that, since 1981, has been dedicated to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.  In the wake of COVID-19, WaterAid has opened up ’emergency donation packages’ in order to reach people in over 30 countries with clean water and hygiene programs. We tallied up our entries, stacked our donation dollars and immediately sent it over. We feel great knowing that our donation went towards WaterAid constructing two hand washing stations for communities in need!  We all know how important washing your hands is right now and we can’t take it for granted. We are proud to have enabled the less-fortunate with the ability to properly wash their hands and fight this virus!